My Home Church in Nepal

Our Church, The Lord's Assembly in Kathmandu has involved in various sectors of services like Children educational ministry, Women and Youth Ministry. We focus our services in sharing, caring, giving, teaching, mentoring, strengthening etc. I actively involve those ministries as the capacity of an elder in Church. I started serving as an evangelist, co-servant and deacon (1992). I initiated Children Sunday school and later Youth Fellowship (1993). Teaching, facilitating and developing others to be leaders is my gift from God. Being mentored and mentoring people is my primary orientation. I received an ordination for overall Church services in 1994, and began to serve as an elder assisting my senior pastor and other elders. By the grace of God, we could extend our ministry going out of the capital city too. Since last 12 years we could plant and support 24 Nepali indigenous Churches in different districts where more than 3500 believers have been baptized; out of them five Churches are established among ethnic group of Praja, one of the backward people group lives in far remote places.



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