Know about me

Here is who people may agree to say I am:

1.    Family background - Born in high caste Hindu brahmin family, devoted religious home. Brought up in joint family with two mothers and 9 siblings. 

2.    Education - Studies ranged from Hindu or Sanskrit religious scriptures to different levels of secular digrees (BA, MAs in three different study fields, and PhD in Integral Mission)

3.    Involved - Pastoral ministries in The Lord's Assembly, Kathmandu since 1993, Teaching in different institution, Research, Writing & Publication (authored 14 books and several article in contemporary issues),

4.    Passion - promotion and protection of FoRB and minority rights, Networking, Creating and leading movements to address the current National issues, Training Leaders towards integral mission and Attempting for Transformation of Nation through Politics as Mission.

5. Taking on - Principal, Shalom Institute of Theology; National Coordinator to IPPFoRB- Nepal Chapter, Religious Liberty Forum Nepal and Dharmik Chautari Nepal, and Cetral Committee Chair to Janajagaran Party Nepal.

Priorities (4 to 1)

1.     As usual: Teaching, Training and Equipping for Mission and Leadership.

2.     Pastoral Ministries: The Lord's Assembly, Kathmandu

3.     Principal: Nepal-Korea International College, Kathmandu

4.     Central Committee Chair: Janajagaran Party Nepal

I was born in a Hindu religious Brahmin family. My father and forefathers known as Hindu Priests. Being an eldest son in the family my father consecrated me to Hindu gods when I was unconscious child. He used to teach me some Vaidik scriptures. His greatest desire was to teach me more about the Hindu scriptures and equipped me to be a priest like him. After completion of a basic priesthood degree I found nothing true about the gods except their boasting fighting for power. I could not sense the love and personal relationship with the gods except threat of being punished if I failed to please them. I become badly frustrated. So I did not continue my priestly job but join in an underground political movement of a communist party. There, I progressed as a local leader. My nature was to see all things critically; I simply did not obey anything without a thorough judgement. I was atheist but my inner heart was always lean to seek an Almighty Creator of the whole Universe, because I could not be convinced and satisfied by the Marxism Philosophy about the Creation.
I was eager to know the truth so begun to search everything to read and find it. Even though my 'comrades' was to criticize me, I did not give up to read the Bible, when I first found it. I became devoted student of the Bible from 1986, and I was reading with a critical point of view until the Words of God began to break my concept about life and eternity. Finally, I opened my heart toGod! The Word compelled me to confess my sins, and consequently, I decided to be inJesus Christ accepting Him my personal Savior and Lord in 1991.
After Democracy reformed in Nepal (1991), I came Kathmandu, to have higher education. I left my role in the political party and became a hidden Christian there. I met a brother, who was Christian like me. In 1992, we together started to pray and worship God. I took water baptism with total commitment to follow Him. Our prayer and our zeal to share Gospel begun to bear some fruits, about 20 new believers were gathered within a short period of our fellowship began. And soon it was identified as Christian Church! I am serving The Lord as an elder and associate pastor in the same Church - The Lord's Assembly in Kathmandu, Nepal. I used to write some articles for the local newspaper from my childhood. And now, I am totally convinced that God has given me the gift of writing, so I am doing with my best for this field. I served for the secular Journalism sector as well as the Christian literatures. I have authored three books and some books are under publication.



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