Why I Hashtag #PaM?

 As committed follower of Christ, my concern resounds loudly! Whether the church leaders in the local or global scenario have really forgotten or just repeatedly committing the mistake or willfully enjoying the plates served at their mission-table... You are appreciated if you interact with the points below and begin a dialogue:

  • Did not God challenged His very first created humans, both Adam and Eve, to be fruitful, widely spread over (fill) the earth, subdue over all creatures and rule? (Read again Genesis 1:28). Exactly, that was the very first godly wish to human being, and to take it rightly, it is served to the professing Christians' table today, that we should take charge and rule! 
  • My little understanding of Missio-Dei is a simple journey of God with His preferred creation from the Garden to City and then to eternity. But in between, are we seriously obeying the commands? We as His people, the church, His one and only recognized body on earth, must have understood the authority to 'have dominion' and rule. 
  • To subdue and rule, one needs three-fold sources of authority, which are Ethics (Morality that is maintained by fearing God), the economics (business with social responsibilities) and the politics (ruling with the heart of servant-leader to welfare).
  • Why the things becoming too difficult for a genuine and committed follower of Christ to live as he or she believes about God of the Bible? For me, because we mistaken the first imperative, and limited it to the sermon at the wedding ceremony. Since the centuries, we discouraged the genuine and God-fearing ethical people to go into business and gain economic power, and at the worst, we dismissed a church member who desired to go into the politics as missionary and gain legal authority as moral-ethical leaders. 
  • Consequently, the business and politics have blown off the morality, because the moral people, who maintain their ethical life by submitting themselves under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, have dismissed the business and politics.
  • Did not the Apostle Paul exhort that the primary role of the church's ministers? We read Ephesians 4:11-12 that the Apostles, Evangelists, Prophets, Pastors and Teachers are urged to prepared the saints for works of services. We should have understood it correctly that to prepare someone for service means to equip him or her by teaching, training, encouraging, coaching, mentoring, etc. But, are we as the church's office-bearers preparing the members towards all sectors of services? Or are we just thinking of sending someone to theological training with a little hope the person will come back and serve under us? Yet, having fear that what is the fellow might rise higher than us after that training?
  • We must accept the fact that the Church today is losing younger generation? But why? You may think of several valid reasons, but being honestly we must admit that we are not relating our way of doing to the context. We are repeatedly customizing our mission-efforts, which seems to be outdated. We repeat the same mission strategies that were implemented in the context of somewhere else in the past, which were recorded as fruitful in pages of history.
  • Again, we overconfidently narrowed down the 'ministry' confining it inside the church-building or services that renders the pulpit? Shouldn't we redefine the 'ministry' and the prepared ones to the mission fields? Let us think twice and redo our mission strategies and train-equip and send the missionary force to business and politics. 
If considered seriously and sent direct messages to bpisot@gmail.com, I would like to talk more on this issue.

with you in His harvest,
BP Khanal, PhD (Integral Mission)
Central Committee Chair
Janajagaran Party Nepal
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